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Matt Farrell - Land Specialist

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If you decide you would rather have cash than a vacant piece of land, I can help you navigate the complexities of the sales process making it stress-free, and I will use my access to proprietary resources and information that will help your property sell quickly for its full value.

<span>Sell your property quickly and easily</span>

I'm here to help and support you

If you choose to list your property for sale with me, I will always keep your best interest at heart, and will never pressure you. I will always give you direct, straightforward advice, and will work hard for you.

<span>I'm here to help and support you</span>

Expert assistance

You might be surprised at how much your lot is worth! Let me give you a detailed, no-obligation Realtor Price Estimate for your vacant property so you can make an informed decision.

<span>Expert assistance</span>

"Matt was a great agent for us - his experience and knowledge helped us avoid several pitfalls in our transaction we wouldn't have seen coming otherwise. He was a great communicator, was trustworthy and on top of it, and has top-notch negotiating and strategy skills. Real estate isn't something we do every day, so it was invaluable to have him explain the process to us and make sure we felt comfortable with each step. I would use him as my agent again in a heartbeat!"

Kate Corr from SLC

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Matt Farrell

Matt Farrell

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